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Custom soft tubes offer numerous advantages in the realm of packaging, particularly for cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and various other industries. Custom soft tubes provide a blend of branding opportunities, product protection, user convenience, adaptability, and sustainability considerations, making them a versatile and effective packaging choice for a wide range of industries.

Soft Tube Mock Up


Custom soft tubes with unique designs, colors, or finishes differentiate products on the shelf. Eye-catching and customized packaging can influence consumer purchasing decisions.

in Capabilities

Soft tubes offer flexibility in closures and dispensing options, allowing for various cap designs such as flip-top caps, screw caps, pumps, or applicators, enhancing user experience.

of Use

Soft tubes are user-friendly, convenient, and portable. They are easy to dispense, allowing controlled product release and reducing waste. Their squeezable nature ensures effortless product application.


Soft tubes can be custom-printed with brand logos, labels, product information, and vibrant graphics. Customization offers a unique branding platform, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

The design of soft tubes often includes a squeezable body that allows for easy dispensing of creams, lotions, gels, ointments, or other viscous substances. They are equipped with a sealed cap or closure, ensuring product freshness and preventing leakage. Some tubes also feature nozzle tips or applicator heads for precise and controlled product application. 

Additionally, Autumn Home Forever can customize soft tube packaging with labels, printing, or embossing to display product information, branding elements, instructions for use, and regulatory details. This makes them an ideal choice for various industries seeking both functionality and aesthetic appeal in their packaging.

Our Soft Tube

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