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Printing Methods

Autumn Home Forever offers custom packaging with your logo on various types of containers such as soft tubes, dropper bottles, perfume bottles, lip gloss bottles, and more. We employ several printing methods to ensure high-quality branding and customization. Here are the printing methods we utilize:

Offset Printing:

  1. Ideal for soft tubes and perfume bottles.

  2. Offers precise color reproduction and high-quality printing.

  3. Suitable for large-scale production runs.

Silk Screen Printing:

  1. Commonly used for soft tubes, dropper bottles, and lip gloss bottles.

  2. Suitable for solid colors and simple designs.

  3. Offers durability and good adhesion to different materials.

Digital Printing:

  1. Suitable for soft tubes, dropper bottles, perfume bottles, and lip gloss bottles.

  2. Allows for customization and short production runs.

  3. Perfect for intricate designs and variable data printing.

Pad Printing:

  1. Ideal for printing on irregular surfaces like dropper bottles.

  2. Offers high-resolution prints with fine details.

  3. Suitable for branding and decorative purposes.

Hot Stamping:

  1. Used for applying metallic or colored foil onto various types of bottles.

  2. Creates a shiny, metallic finish.

  3. Adds a premium look to the packaging.

Screen Printing:

  1. Suitable for glass perfume bottles.

  2. Offers good adhesion and durability.

  3. Allows for multiple colors and intricate designs.


  1. Creates a matte finish on glass bottles.

  2. Suitable for adding a unique texture to the packaging.

  3. Can be combined with other printing methods for enhanced aesthetics.

UV Printing:

  1. Ideal for lip gloss bottles and other plastic containers.

  2. Provides vibrant colors and quick drying times.

  3. Suitable for short production runs and customization.

At Autumn Home Forever, we ensure that your custom packaging meets your branding requirements and stands out on the shelf. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality printing solutions tailored to your needs.

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